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Yuyuan company since its inception many years by the provincial Bureau of Township Enterprises, Trade and Industry Bureau, Weifang Municipal People's Government, the Ministry of Agriculture and other departments as advanced units

1993 was promoted to provincial advanced enterprise;
1994 was named the best value for money of township enterprises;
1995 Ministry of Agriculture highest total profit and tax assessed for Chinese township enterprises and China's largest scale township enterprises;
1997 by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, the National Assessment of civilization township enterprises;
2000 was awarded the China Academy of township enterprises awarded the "Chinese township enterprises Contribution Award";
2001 was assessed as Weifang Municipal People's Government 50 private enterprises;
2004 was Weifang City Office of Spiritual Civilization Construction Commission, Weifang City Administration, Weifang City, individual and private associations assessed as "civilized integrity of private enterprise";
Weifang Municipal CPC 2004, Weifang Municipal People's Government assessed as "hundred private enterprises";
Yuyuan Group since 2008 has been named the Weifang City, "hundred private enterprises", two OO 2007-08 "five-star business civilization", Weifang City, integrity civilization enterprises, Weifang City Consumers Association Class AAAAA integrity management (services) units consumer activist satisfaction units, harmonious integrity satisfaction Unit.