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Bromine Plant of Shandong Yuyuan Group Co., Ltd.

Bromine Plant of Shandong Yuyuan Group Co., Ltd.

The company now has eight bromine plants, with an annual productivity of 18,000 tons of bromine, which is the largest industrial bromine production base in China. The products have obtained the ISO9000 Quality Management System certificate and ISO14001 environmental management system certificate and were rated as excellent–grade products, winning the trust of customers. Moreover, the company has obtained national industrial production license. Bromine is mainly used for preparing bromide compounds and is used in medicines, pesticides, dyes, perfumes, photographic materials, fire extinguishing agents, benefication, metallurgy, tanning, water purification and other sectors as absorbents of ordinary analytical reagents, oxidants, ethylene and heavy hydrocarbons as well as organically synthesized bromine compounds. 

Product: Bromine
Formula and Molecular Weight Br 159.808
Density 3.12g/cm3
Color: Brown liquid
Purity ≥99.7%
Chlorine content ≤0.05%
Non-volatile matter ≤0.05%
Product quality indicators GB2021一94
Packaging and storage 30KG Ceramic altar、3.5KG Bottles、6000KG Canned
Use Bromine is a chemical salt important chemical raw material for the production of bromine flame retardants and dye formulations, production in the pharmaceutical industry, sodium bromide, potassium bromide, beryllium, calcium bromide, sedatives and photographic materials and manufacturing chlorine toxins toxin and other antimicrobial drugs.